Victorinox Swiss Army Silver Tech Knives

Victorinox has come up with a new, cool take on a very traditional knife.  The Silver Tech has a unique, transparent silver look that catches your attention.  It comes in Climber, Huntsman, Signature Lite, and Spartan models.  Semi-translucent and silver in color, the Silver Tech knife reminds one of the look of molten silver. It is truly unique.


Swiss Army Silvertech Huntsman

The Huntsman model comes with:  Large blade , Small blade, Corkscrew, Can opener, Small screwdriver, Bottle opener, Large screwdriver, Wire stripper, Reamer, Key ring, Tweezers, and Toothpick...Whew!

Lee Valley Pocket Screwdrivers

LeeValleyPocketScrewdriverThese pocket screwdrivers have the size (and shape) of a quarter. The edge is shaped like a ramp so they can be used for different screw sizes. The range of edge thickness goes from 0.030" to 0.090". They are specially good for flat screws but can be used for Phillips too.  They work reasonably well when you don't have a real screwdriver handy. 

The Lee Valley Pocket screwdriver replaces dimes, quarters and table knives, or finger nails.  Toss a few in the cutlery drawer to discourage you know who from using cutlery for household repairs.  You can carry them in a keychain, wallet, etc. You can buy them buy the dozen at at Lee Valley's web site.

Swiss Army Cybertool - The Geek's Multitool

Swiss Army's latest offering the CyberTool is geared more toward server room than campsite and thus makes an ideal gift for the geek.  I swiped mine from the Sr. Editor and I think he's still quite chagrined about it. 

The handle is made from cool translucent plastic found in no other offering. Swiss Army designed the tool with a unique "bit receptacle" that folds out to receive the included single sided "torx" screw fitting or any of the other three double sided bits (giving 6 more ends) which come in a plastic bit holder. The 6 other ends include 2 torx screws, a straight screw driver and 3 different Phillips head fittings.  The combination of bits should let a geek crack into the toughest server case. 

Also on board are:

Suunto Advizor - Wristwatch or Computer?

Suunto AdvizorIt's midnight on August 31, 2008, the alarm is going to go off in six hours, I'm 970 ft above sea level, the barometer is at 28.90" and rising, I'm facing NW (334 degrees to be precise), the temperature is 82 degrees and my heart rate is 72.  Would you believe that it takes just one tool to give you all this information--a Suunto Advizor Wrist Top Computer? 

The watch part of this wrist-top computer serves the usual time-keeping functions, as well as providing a dual time-zone display and three separate daily alarms. It also displays the date and day.  As you may guess telling time is just a small part of what this amazing watch does. - A local phone line for $20/year

MagicJackWhat is magicJack?  magicJack is a Voice over IP service that works by plugging a USB device into your computer.  For $40,  you get the device (about the size of a big USB Stick) and the first year of  phone service with a local number.  You also get a free phone number with your magicJack so it can be utilized both to receive and place calls. Area codes for approximately 70% of the U.S. are available. (Porting existing phone numbers and selected Canadian area codes will be available shortly.) For calls from the magicJack to phone numbers outside the United States or Canada there are highly competitive international rates.

Free movie downloads from Blockbuster

For a limited time Blockbuster is offering select movie downloads on the house as part of their beta release of downloads.  When we checked the 3 movies that were being offered are:

  • Vantage Point
  • The Other Boleyn Girl
  • The Color of Freedom

Check it out at

Is your printer lying to you?

We all know that laser and inkjet printer manufacturers make their money on the "give you the razor, sell you the blade" model.   Is it any surprise that your printer might tell you that the toner cartridge is empty, when, in fact, you can print several hundreds more sheets before replacing it?  In the good old days, you merely took the cartridge out and gave it a good shake and kept printing .  Now, the manufacturer's have gotten smarter and put chips into the cartridges that tell us when the cartridge is "empty".

On,, one fellow claims that he got 1,800 more pages after he hacked his Brother printer by covering the sensor with electrical tape.  This let him continue printing even though the printer claimed his cartridge was empty.  Your mileage may vary.  The site also offers references for error codes, printer drivers, etc.

X-rite i1Photo

xrite i1I recently joined the Leica Users Group (LUG) Print Exchange.  The LUG Print Exchange is a neat program that encourages folks worldwide to exchange prints–a great way to learn from others and to get some spectacular prints.  The LUG is filled with picky photographers who are truly focused on quality–I learned quickly that a standard print from the camera sent to a photo processor just wouldn’t do.  I needed to step up my game.  I bought a high quality photo printer–however it was impossible to get the color on the printer to match the color on the screen–I needed to calibrate my monitor and printer so that the colors would match.

The X-Rite i1Photo system delivers all the tools necessary to implement an effective, predictable and accurate color-managed digital workflow in either RGB or CYMK production environments – from camera through production to display to final output.   The system allows you to calibrate:

  • Digital Cameras
  • Scanners
  • Monitors- LCD, CRT, and Laptops 
  • RGB Printers    
  • Digital Projectors          

Selling your Car - Create a Window Sticker Automatically offers a cool online application that allows you to create a Window Sticker for your car that looks just like the dealers based on your VIN number.  Enter your VIN Number, pay the $3.95 and the application creates a Window sticker with all the original installed equipment listed--easier than trying to remember all the equipment and trim levels on your car.  It also allows you to add any custom equipment that you've added.  The sticker can be emailed to you or opened as a PDF. 

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