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How do I power my USB devices on an airplane?

If you are going on a short plane ride, we suggest instead of plugging in, you just bring fresh batteries and maybe a backup. You cannot guarantee the plane will have power, and getting it to work requires even more hardware, wires and luck.

  • Choose the Right Seat

Planes do not have a power adaptor at every seat, so when booking a flight and you are prompted to choose a seat, go to, look up your plane and locate available seats with power. SeatGuru indicates seats with power by a black dot. You may be warned that not all versions of your plane are have the same and may not have available power.

What's your recommendation for a keychain knife?

What's your recommendation for a keychain knife?   I'd like omething small, light, and easy to open.

The current version of the Spyderco Ladybug has a few advantages over the old model:

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