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Recommendation for Replacement Cell Phone Parts

Although it may be a bit scary giving your credit card information to a company in Hong Kong, we have had good luck with Cellular Nationwide Network (http://cnn.cn/). They sell replacement parts for all kinds of phones -- and not just chargers, cases and adaptors. We've purchased a replacement casing, a replacement track ball (both for a Blackberry Pearl) and a charging port (for a Nokia). They also sell replacement screens -- and that is the actual LCD part, not just the clear plastic cover (which they also sell).

Issues When Upgrading Blackberry from BIS to BES on T-Mobile

When switching from BIS to BES on my Blackberry I had some issues that I was not able to find easy answers for on Google, so I thought I'd pass it on to you incase anyone has the same issues (and so I have it written down). My internet didn't work, my personal email didn't work and I ended up with duplicate Calendar Entries.
1. My bookmarks did not work. I had to:

  • Edit each bookmarks from "Internet Browser" to "Blackberry Browser".
  • Set the default browser to "Blackberry Browser" (Options->Advanced->Browser).

2. After setting up Exchange I was able to get my Exchange email, I did not getting my Yahoo/Gmail email. I also could not get Google Maps or Blackberry Maps to work, I had to:

Internet Companies Introduce New Reverse Cell Phone Search Technology

By and large, cell phones are marvelous technological developments that make most people's lives far easier.  With a cell phone, users can stay in touch with friends and family regardless of geographical location. One aspect of cell phone usage that can prove to be frustrating to many, however, is the fact that the white pages equivalent for cellular phones is non-existent, and moreover, against the law. To address the growing demand for cell phone directories, internet companies have developed an online service that allows users to lookup up phone cell phone numbers online in order to retrieve the name of the person associated with the cell number account.

Tech Tip: Text Blasts

TextMarks is a FREE service that allows you to create a subscription code via the TextMarks website www.textmarks.com so that anyone who text messages that code to the TextMarks number 41411 will subsequently be registered as a part of your distribution list. Then whenever you need to send out a text blast, everyone who has signed up will receive the messages you send.

This is a really useful service with lots of real-life applications, especially if you help coordinate medium-to-large groups of people during short-term events. Think disaster recovery situations (Sanjay?), church mission trips (Chuck?), big scavenger hunts, competitive events,...basically any event during which you may need to send out impromptu instructions or alerts.

MagicJack.com - A local phone line for $20/year

MagicJackWhat is magicJack?  magicJack is a Voice over IP service that works by plugging a USB device into your computer.  For $40,  you get the device (about the size of a big USB Stick) and the first year of  phone service with a local number.  You also get a free phone number with your magicJack so it can be utilized both to receive and place calls. Area codes for approximately 70% of the U.S. are available. (Porting existing phone numbers and selected Canadian area codes will be available shortly.) For calls from the magicJack to phone numbers outside the United States or Canada there are highly competitive international rates.

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