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Using the Garmin 260 GPS to Navigate European Streets

It was time to update my original Garmin GPS and I had two options. I could get a Garmin that read street names or, for the same price, a Garmin that has US and European maps. Since I had a vacation to Germany planned in the near future I opted for European maps that come with the Garmin 260.

Apparently there are "maps" and "Detailed" maps and the Garmin came with "detailed" maps, which appears to be true. All the tiny little streets (some only a block long) all seemed to be there in the various towns I checked.

  • Works well in open areas, but not in narrow streets

Many of the streets in the 'Old' part of towns are very-very narrow (Just a few feet wide in some places). Although the buildings are not tall (mostly 2, 3 or 4 stories) there is not much clear sky and unfortunately that seems to be enough to block the satellites.

  • Doesn't work well turning it on and off

Since I didn't want to approach the end of the day only to find my GPS was dead, I would only turn the GPS on until I had a clear shot to my next location. The problem with this is that because of the poor reception it sometimes took 10 min before it had a lock on the satellites. That is a long time waiting, or a long time heading in the wrong direction.

Geomet'r GNC-35 - Easy geotagging for the Nikon D300

Geomet'r GNC-35 GPS GeotaggingEver taken a picture and then a few months later wondered where it was taken?  Geotagging -- inclusion of GPS positioning data in an image file's Exif header -- is a useful feature that is available in some modern cameras that helps solve this problem.  Once you've got GPS data in your images, you use an application or a service to map the location of your images.  Their are an increasing number of devices that let you easily add the GPS data to your photo files. 

The Geomet'r GNC-35 is a $145 GPS receiver is one such device, a GPS reciever designed to tap into the built-in GPS support of the Nikon D200, D300, D2Hs, D3xs, D3 and the Fujifilm S5 Pro.  The Geomet'r GPS receiver is a 1 1/2" square device that is approximately 3/4" thick which mounts on the camera hotshoe.  It attaches, and draws power, through the remote 10-pin terminal connectors.  The low-power receiver (with a built-in rechargeable battery for memory and Real Time Clock backup) uses a very small SiRF Star III GPS chipset to capture GPS data from any of 20 parallel satellite tracking channels. 

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