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DAS Keyboard - The Successor to the IBM Model M Keyboard

Computer manufacturers save every dime they can on computer parts to maximize their profit.  Unfortunately, this often means we are stuck with crappy keyboards with our shiny new machine.   When IBM had a near monopoly and personal computers were high priced, well engineered devices they gave their users one of the best input devices to come with any machine--a IBM Model M keyboard.  I liked it so much that I kept an original hidden away from all the geeks at the office.

Now DAS Keyboard makes an updated mechanical keyboard that is a worthy successor--actually they make four models"

  • DAS Keyboard Original Professional
  • DAS Keyboard Model S Professional
  • DAS Keyboard Model S Ultimate (the uber geek keyboard--the keys are plain black--no labels)
  • DAS Keyboard Model S Professional Silent (with slightly more quiet keys)

They keyboard fit and finish is reminiscent of a fine musical instruments--the keys are surrounded by a polished black surface. Like the IBM keyboard the DAS keyboard uses its best-in-class mechanical gold-plated key switches provide a tactile and audio click. The company does have a sense of humor, it sells earplugs as a "peace offering" to your cube mates who are bothered by the clicking.

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