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Tech Tip: Voice Messaging Blasts

My friend Sanjay just turned me on to Shoutnow.com. If you go check it out you'll see that I copy/pasted the above scenario from their website. The idea is a lot like the TextMarks service which provides text messaging blasts to lists of subscribers. The system has a few implementation differences (like using a centrally managed list instead of ad hoc end-user subscriptions - pros and cons there), but the obvious difference is that you send a recorded call to a distribution list of phone numbers instead of a text message.

Tech Tip: Text Blasts

TextMarks is a FREE service that allows you to create a subscription code via the TextMarks website www.textmarks.com so that anyone who text messages that code to the TextMarks number 41411 will subsequently be registered as a part of your distribution list. Then whenever you need to send out a text blast, everyone who has signed up will receive the messages you send.

This is a really useful service with lots of real-life applications, especially if you help coordinate medium-to-large groups of people during short-term events. Think disaster recovery situations (Sanjay?), church mission trips (Chuck?), big scavenger hunts, competitive events,...basically any event during which you may need to send out impromptu instructions or alerts.

Mailinator.com - A simple disposable email service

Is a website asking you for an email address and you don't want to give your primary address because you know you'll get spam-bombed?   Don't feel like filling out the forms for Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail?  www.mailinator.com offers the perfect service.  No forms to fill out.  Heck you don't even have to go to the website. 

Just makeup an address with a domain of mailinator.com.   Then when you need to retrieve the address go to the website and enter the email you made up.  Voila!  You can read the email sent there. 

Some caveats:

  1. The email address is truly disposable.  It'll only last for a few hours
  2. There's no expectation of privacy.  Anyone can access that email address.  So as mailinator says, if you use the website for your super-secret email you're just being silly.  Hear that Governor Palin?

Amazon Prime Shipping - Get your gadgets from Amazon quick

All of us at GadgetGuys hate going to stores and fighting for parking, looking for cool Gadgets that most stores that don't have and frequently talking to salespeople that don't have a clue about specs.  Amazon.com is one of our favorite places to shop but it used to take a while to get our toys.  Then Amazon added Amazon Prime.  

Amazon Prime is a membership shipping program available for addresses in the continental United States that gives you and 4 of your friends or family (living at the same address)  "all-you-can-eat" fast shipping for eligible purchases. For an annual membership fee of $79, you get:

Selling your Car - Create a Window Sticker Automatically

WindowSticker.us offers a cool online application that allows you to create a Window Sticker for your car that looks just like the dealers based on your VIN number.  Enter your VIN Number, pay the $3.95 and the application creates a Window sticker with all the original installed equipment listed--easier than trying to remember all the equipment and trim levels on your car.  It also allows you to add any custom equipment that you've added.  The sticker can be emailed to you or opened as a PDF. 

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