About GadgetGuys

Construction on Gadgetguys.com began as a way to marry Work with Play. Since 1999, the GadgetGuys have been providing news and first-person reviews of new and interesting gadgets.

The concept is simple; Take a bunch of guys who'd rather buy a MP3 player then lunch, give them a way to talk about it, then tell them they can call it work. The Gadgetguys exist not because the web needs another review site (although in 1999 they were one of the first); the Gadgetguys exist because 'gadgets' are their passion.

Located in Austin, TX the GadgetGuys welcome you to join them as they continue their quest for new and unique items.

 gadg•et(n.) A small specialized mechanical or electronic device; a contrivance. 

gadg•et•guys(n.) A grouping of guys who would rather buy a MP3 player then lunch