Amazon Prime Shipping - Get your gadgets from Amazon quick

All of us at GadgetGuys hate going to stores and fighting for parking, looking for cool Gadgets that most stores that don't have and frequently talking to salespeople that don't have a clue about specs. is one of our favorite places to shop but it used to take a while to get our toys.  Then Amazon added Amazon Prime.  

Amazon Prime is a membership shipping program available for addresses in the continental United States that gives you and 4 of your friends or family (living at the same address)  "all-you-can-eat" fast shipping for eligible purchases. For an annual membership fee of $79, you get:

  • Free Two-Day Shipping on eligible items.  Two-Day and One-Day shipping usually apply across business days.  
  • Prime also offers special weekend and other shipping options.  In an emergency I've used Saturday shipping for $5.99
  • Upgrades to One-Day (Overnight) Shipping for just $3.99 per item. 
  • No minimum purchases required.

To order with Amazon Prime you usually click on the 1-Click buttons that appears on the top of eligible product pages.  You can still use Amazon Prime if you use your shopping cart (for example, if you want to use a gift card, etc.)

Eligible items are limited to certain products sold by (or third-party merchants participating in the Fulfillment by Amazon program) on that are shipped to continental United States addresses--sorry Alaska & Hawaii,   Frankly the easiest way to tell if Amazon Prime is available on a product is to look for the Amazon

Prime symbol next to a product in a search list or to look for the 1-Click buttons on the top of a product screen.   I do wish Amazon would make a soft available where products that can ship by Amazon Prime appeared first.

Another caution with Amazon Prime--frankly it become addictive to order with it and have the product show up in a day or two.  Amazon becomes your default member--make sure you're paying a good price for your gadgets and books and do shop around a bit. 

To make sure you will use Amazon Prime you can try it out using the promotional offer below which gives you Amazon Prime for free for a month (valid till October 31, 2008)