Internet Companies Introduce New Reverse Cell Phone Search Technology

By and large, cell phones are marvelous technological developments that make most people's lives far easier.  With a cell phone, users can stay in touch with friends and family regardless of geographical location. One aspect of cell phone usage that can prove to be frustrating to many, however, is the fact that the white pages equivalent for cellular phones is non-existent, and moreover, against the law. To address the growing demand for cell phone directories, internet companies have developed an online service that allows users to lookup up phone cell phone numbers online in order to retrieve the name of the person associated with the cell number account.

In the case of most landline phones, all you have to do is open up the nearest white pages directory to find out who the number belongs to. Cell phone numbers, however, are considered private information and cannot legally be published to the public. Unlike other countries, cell phones in the U.S. are charged for both incoming and outgoing calls, making cell phone users financially vulnerable to persistent telemarketers and prank callers. This is why phone companies, and all other organizations alike, are legally obligated to keep cell phone numbers private and avoid enabling people to forward search a person's cell number.

Reverse cell phone number lookups, on the other hand, are completely within the boundaries of the law and prove to be especially useful to people whose phones are constantly inundated by unwanted calls. Reverse phone number search technology works by providing a sophisticated and efficient way to retrieve information about unrecognized phone numbers.  These website services use large databases of phone owner information that go far beyond what's included in the white pages. What's especially notable about this search technology is that it doesn't differ all that much from a regular search engine query. Users enter the phone number into a search field and press enter in order to populate a report containing the name of the person associated with the phone number.


Most reverse search services are priced between 15 and 20 dollars for individual services and extended search privileges at a discounted price for those interested in using the service frequently.