Leatherman Crater Knives - A simple replacement for multitools

Leatherman CraterNeed a simple, lightweight, quick-to-deploy knife the Leatherman Crater™ knife series, might offer the perfect knife for you.   The Leatherman Crater Knife Series is part of Leatherman's new simpler lock knife range.

All the Leatherman Craters have a plain/serrated combo blade and a one piece glass-fibre nylon handle, designed for lightness and durability They all come with a carabiner that easily clips to a belt loop, or backpack and doubles as a bottle opener.  There are ten versions of the Crater Knives with some with an additional blades (different lengths, straight or serrated), screwdrivers (phillips and flat), blade launcher, and blade locks. Here's how you can decipher what each model comes with

c = Crater Series
33 = Medium Size
55 = Large Size
x = Combo Straight/Serrated Blade
L = Blade Launcher
T = Fixed Tools + Blade Launcher
B = Bit Driver + Blade Launcher (33-models)

Some of our favorite Crater knife in the series are:

  • The Crater C33Lx is simply a lock knife with a carabiner clip which also functions as a bottle opener. This is ideal for sanyone who's only looking for a blade.
  • The Crater C33Tx takes the blade and carabiner clip and adds a pair of screwdriver bits - sized for the most common jobs.
  • The Crater C33Bx replaces the two individual bits with Leatherman's versatile bit-driver with two bits included. This makes the knife compatible with the LT27 bit-kit  for the
  • ultimate in versatility. This is the one of the most versatile lock-knives available.

Crater Series knives are crafted out of US-made 420HC steel  and finished with a hollow grind.   420HC steel is a higher carbon version of the 420 steel. 420HC steel has .4 to .5% carbon and about 13% chromium. when it is properly treated it produces a good general purpose knife steel with good corrosion resistance and edge holding ability.

The Crater knives come with the usual 25 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.  One of our friends who is quite hard on his tools has gotten a chance to test the warranty on one of the Leatherman multitools--it was honored easily.