Legal Rights of Photographers

Is it legal for you to take that photograph?  Is it legal for you to publish the photograph?  Can you be arrested for trespassing? 

Photographers are being hassled more and more about taking photographs by law enforcement, overzealous security guards, concerned parents.  People are being stopped, harassed, and even intimidated into handing over their personal property simply because they were taking photographs of subjects that made other people uncomfortable. Recent examples have included photographing industrial plants, bridges, buildings, trains, and bus stations. For the most part, attempts to restrict photography are based on misguided fears about the supposed dangers that unrestricted photography presents to society.

What are your rights?  How do you stay out of trouble.  There are a number of resources that give you a some information on your legal rights:

Of course laws vary by jurisidction and do change rapidly.  For example, the State of Texas passed  Improper Photography Or Visual Recording that makes it a state jail felony for taking inappropriate photos.