locr: Free software to geotag your photos

locr Client

locr offers free PC software to geotag photos automatically and simultaneously. All you need is a GPS Datalogger and the locr GPS Photo for Windows software.  With a GPS-datalogger, go out and take photos.  When you get back home, just copy the GPS data and the photo files into the locr GPS Photo for Windows software.  The software geotags the your photos based on a shared timecode. 

The term geotagging is sometimes also referred to as geocoding.  Using geotagging e.g. photos, or videos, can be complemented with geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude, or physical address). This geographical identification data is saved together with the photos. Thereby photos can be assigned easily and explicitly to maps like GoogleMaps, or can be viewed on Google Earth.

The locr GPS Photo software  writes geographic information into the EXIF* header of the photo. Suitable software can read and use this information.

GpsPassion offers this guide on picture geocoding, if you'd like more information on the topic.