Manfrotto Modopocket - A pocket tripod

Manfrotto Modopocket Tripod The easiest way to improve the quality of your photos is to put the camera on a tripod--pictures taken ona  tripod are sharper, clearer, and blur-free..  Unfortunately, tripods are bulky and inconvenient.  Manfrotto has come up with an elegant design solution a stand that is only 1.67g and folds up to fit on your camera--the Manfrotto Modopocket. The stand can support up to 17 oz of weight--so it's not really appropriate for an SLR but should work for most pocket cameras.   In addition to letting you stably point your pocket camera in any direction you can also tilt the camera forward or backward with the ModoPocket, giving you a bit of flexibility.  Unlike a regular tripod you can't really adjust the height of your camera--this stand's competition is the table top tripod.  Once attached, the ModoPocket can be left on the camera when not in use, and when needed, shooters can unfold the legs in a matter of seconds and begin taking pictures.  Is it a true substitute for a tripod?  Probably not, but it can help improve your pictures and you are much more likely to have it with you than a tripod.