Saddleback Leather Macbook & Laptop Sleeves

Saddleback Laptop Sleeve

A mole deep inside Saddlebook Leather (cough Jonathan) let us know that they are going to be releasing notebook sleeves on July 20th.   The sleeve is lined with neoprene padding between the pigskin and the leather. The sewn outside edges really act well as buffers. 

There will be seven sizes to make sure that it will fit your notebook

  • A sleeve for the 13", 15" and 17" Macbooks. 
  • A PC version that will fit snugly into the 16" large briefcase
  • Another version for the 14" medium briefcase
  • Another for the 15" thin briefcase
  • One more small 11" one for the netbooks.


Laptop Sleeve

Sharp eyed Saddleback aficionados will notice a desktop pad behind the laptop sleeve.  Alas no release date has been announced for the Saddleback desktop pad.