Schlage Camelot Keypad Deadbolt

Schlage's combination deadbolt allows you to both open and lock a door without a key. This deadbolt allows you open the door by entering a four digit combination.  You can have 19 different combinations that the lock will recognize.  To make it easy to enter a combination at night it does have a lighted keypad. The deadbolt runs off a 9v battery with a claimed life of 3 years.

Installation is easy if you are replacing an existing deadbolt--do make sure your door meets specifications before you order.   If your door doesn't have an existing deadbolt you have to prep it much as you would for any other deadbolt lock.   

After installation you program in the combinations that will allow you to open the lock.  You can add up to 19 combinations.  Programming a code is easy, but do save the instruction manual (of course you can find it online).  For example to add to add a new combination, type in the six digit programming code, Press the Schlage button, press 1, and enter the new combination.  By the way you don't need the combination to lock the door.  You can just press the Schlage button and lock the door.

Schlage has extended the battery life by not using the battery to retract the deadbolt.  You enter the combination and turn the deadbolt. If the battery fails, you can unlock using a key.   The keypad is lighted to make it easy to enter the combination. Replacing the battery does involve taking off the back cover.

So is it the highest security lock out there?  Probably not.  You'll read reviews that suggest you can open it with bump keys.  If you don't change the combination periodically, some of the buttons will show wear making it easy to guess combinations.  The lock doesn't really keep track of what combination was used to open it last--so your maid could share the combination with a friend and you'd never know  In all honesty, in most houses you can get into the house more easily by breaking open a window then hanging out up front guessing combinations so I'm not hugely concerned.

Schlage Camelot Deadbolt Keypad Features

  • No key required for entry or locking the door
  • Come preset with 2 random 4 digit codes and 1 random 6 digit code
  • 19 user code capacity providing 10,000 unique code combinations making it virtually impossible for anyone to guess your codes
  • Easy to add temporary codes for visitors and workers
  • Lock can be rekeyed to match existing locks in your home
  • Audible warning after four attempts to open the lock with the keypad becoming disabled for 30 seconds
  • Commercial grade patented clutching motor drive tested one million times
  • Patent pending mechanical key override ability
  • All-metal chassis
  • Free-spinning deadbolt turn resists vandalism
  • Blue LED illuminated keypad featuring wear-resistant slicone rubber buttons
  • Easy keypad programming of user codes
  • Battery operated, no special wiring required
  • Included 9-volt battery that lasts for 3 years
  • Meets ANSI Grade 2 standards for ultimate security and reliability
  • Available in many styles and finishes to match your home decor