Sole Unisex Softec Ultra Insole

The SOLE Softec Shoe Inserts by NatureWorks replace the inserts that come with off-the-shelf sneakers. They improve comfort, balance, alignment and pressure distribution by giving extra arch support, and can help flat-footed people. Besides being Eco-friendly (they are made of corn and not petroleum) these inserts differ from others in that they can be heated in your kitchen oven so they will form to the shape of your foot. 

After a recent visit to an Orthopedic Doctor I found I was flat-footed and he suggested trying a pair of arch supports. I have always had issues finding sneakers that were comfortable and now I know why. Placing the inserts into a pair of practically-new Nikes made the sneakers the most comfortable pair of sneakers in recent memory. Running and walking is much more comfortable. Considering the product is basically a sheet of plastic with a soft covering, the $45 price seems a bit high but the comfort is very welcome.