Swiss Army Cybertool - The Geek's Multitool

Swiss Army's latest offering the CyberTool is geared more toward server room than campsite and thus makes an ideal gift for the geek.  I swiped mine from the Sr. Editor and I think he's still quite chagrined about it. 

The handle is made from cool translucent plastic found in no other offering. Swiss Army designed the tool with a unique "bit receptacle" that folds out to receive the included single sided "torx" screw fitting or any of the other three double sided bits (giving 6 more ends) which come in a plastic bit holder. The 6 other ends include 2 torx screws, a straight screw driver and 3 different Phillips head fittings.  The combination of bits should let a geek crack into the toughest server case. 

Also on board are:

  • A large and small blade to open the boxes of gadgets and make short work of the shrink wrap
  • Scissors for cutting the tie wraps that the network types insist on using on all the cables
  • High quality pliers with wire cutter useful when you are forced to make your own cables--it happens!
  • Wire stripper for repairing cables
  • A corkscrew with a mini screw driver that attaches to the corkscrew (quite unique).  The screw driver is small enough to tighten the screws on the snazziest pair of geek glasses.
  • Tweezers for picking up the small parts that invariably lodge themselves under the motherboard
  • A ball point pen for recording those crucial switch settings before changing them forever
  • A can opener and a bottle opener to get at the food in the back of the refrigerator
  • A reamer--we've used one before on a server...but I better not share that story
  • A toothpick

The Cybertool got a quick workout since I had to upgrade my PC by adding a hard drive and a new processor.  The screws holding the case together were open within seconds by using the medium Phillips head which was a perfect fit for the screws.  In a few more minutes I had the hard drive out and with a bit of fiddling had the jumpers set correctly.  Unfortunately the processor upgrade did not go quite so smoothly (no fault of the Cybertool).  After an hour or so of messing with DIP switches and fiddling with the BIOS I gave up. 

The CyberTool, like all of Swiss Army's products, is well made and useful.  All the tools are tough enough to be used everyday.  I especially liked the quality of the pliers and scissors--two areas that manufacturer's frequently skimp on.  It'll make a great present for your favorite geek's briefcase.