Tech Tip: Coupons for your favorite Restaurant is an online service that generates printable gift certificates for participating restaurants in cities all over the country. Generally their deals work like this: a $25 gift certificate costs $10, and there is a minimum purchase of $35 or $50. Of course, that's just list price, and we bargain-hunters rarely settle for list

To get the rock bottom steal, you need to know that there is usually some sort of promotion code going around the Internet. Today the promo code is SANTA. I don't know how long this code will work, but right now if you enter it during the check out process on your purchase will be discounted by 80%! (How did I found out about this promo code, you ask? I'll tell you tomorrow.)

I don't know about your city, but the list of participating restaurants in Austin is long - about 65 or so. The list is also quite varied - steak, seafood, ethnic, high-end (Zoot, for crying out loud!) and some grittier places.

So, has become my new favorite place for printable online discounts. But what I've discovered is that there are lots of great printable online coupons out there. You just have to do a Google search for them - one last story that I shared with my friend, Jenn, yesterday:

I hate JiffyLube, but it's hard to beat their early bird special - $25 for an oil change. I much prefer my neighborhood Precision Auto, but they charge $40. Google search: "Precision Auto coupons" Bingo! A printable coupon at Precision Auto for an oil change - $21. And I didn't even have to wake up early...

Tech Tips is written by Joshua de Koning, Josh is a good friend and is the Administrator at Lloyd, Gosselink, Rochelle & Townsend.