Tech Tip: iTunes without an iPod

The misunderstanding is epidemic (and I wonder if Apple intends it to be so...), but let me reiterate for the 100th time: iTunes is way cooler than you thought, and you don't have to have an iPod to use iTunes....

Personally, I think iPods and iPhones are pretty cool, and some day I'll probably own one. But the really cool technology is iTunes. Just download the application for FREE here: , install it (Windows or Mac), and browse the iTunes store for the most amazing amount of audio content--especially FREE audio content--you can imagine.

There is so much high quality FREE content I have never bought anything from iTunes. Why would I when I can get daily downloads of "The Stratfor Podcast" (a "strategic forecasting" global news service), "Digital Pro," "NPR's Fresh Air," and "The Albert Mohler Show"? And weekly I get "NPR's This American Life," "John Piper's Desiring God Sermon," and "Marc Driscoll's Mars Hill Sermon." And tons more that I've noodled around with in the past...and tons more that I'll noodle around with in the future.

I'd bet that if you have a favorite program on the radio, you can find it on iTunes. It's like pay-per-view for radio, except you don't have to pay! (that should appeal to my sister-in-law, Amanda)

I listen to all this stuff--as well as audio courses on iTunes from Standford University and Reformed Theological Seminary--while I'm driving to and from work. I actually told my wife the other day that my commute is just a little too short! ...but do I use an iPod? No, I save the files on a flash drive and plug it into my USB enabled car stereo (another cool technology, and thanks for installation help, Chad Hammeril). But you could save them to any MP3 player or burn them on to CDs.

...or use your iPod or have one don't you?


Tech Tips is written by Joshua de Koning, Josh is a good friend and is the Administrator at Lloyd, Gosselink, Rochelle & Townsend.