V178 AL DENTE 5 Piece Pasta Maker Review

The "V178 AL DENTE 5 Piece Pasta Set" is an all-in-one pasta maker that includes the main unit, two accessories that cut a total of 4 sizes of pasta and a 3rd accessory that cuts ravioli and lasagna.

I was concerned about getting the V178 AL DENTE because of the negative reviews on Amazon but took the plunge since Amazon is great on handling returns. After having it for a week I've made several batches of pasta and I am very happy with the quality and functionality of the device. It took 3 batches before I got the hang of it, but recent batches have been turning out good.

I'm guessing those with issues are putting too much in, not taking the time for practice runs or using dough that is too sticky. For someone, like me, that wants a pasta maker and knows it will only be used occasionally, the Price/Quality exceeds expectations.

Cleanup is easy if your dough isn't sticky (which it shouldn't be) and no have been no issues with metal/oil residue as reported by others.

The 3rd accessory (Ravioli/Lasagna) seems to be the least useful since Ravioli will be easier using a Ravioli cutter instead of trying to feed it into the machine at the same time the pasta is stuffed. The other accessories do a great job and look like they'll last as long as the other parts of the unit.

In all there is a lot of metal (13lbs), everything seems sturdy (in fact, better then expected) and all works smoothly. Nothing looks like it's going to break anytime soon. The only issue is that the c-clamp is too small for my table so I had to hang a 2x4 off the table and use a larger clamp from the garage to attach the 2x4 to the table.